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Sorting Grapples

Magnum’s Rotating Sorting Grapples have been designed and constructed to meet the needs of the demolition, scrap handling, scrap processing, waste handling and rock handling industries. The RSG Series of Magnum Sorting Grapples are available in nine different excavator sizes and all are standard with 360° hydraulic rotation to provide the user with increased flexibility.

360˚ Hydraulic Rotation

All models are equipped with a large diameter heavy-duty rotation motor. This feature provides optimum maneuverability, increasing production over a fixed grapple, while reducing carrier wear. Models RSG 20-50 come standard with two rotation motors.

Reversible Cutting Edges

Reversible, bolt-on cutting edges made of 500 Brinell steel for maximum durability.

Fully Protected Hydraulic Cylinders

To ensure minimal downtime the two hydraulic cylinders are fully protected during the cycle of the grapple. The final position of cylinder is hydraulically cushioned.

Heavy Duty Delta-Box Frame Construction

Built with Hardox 400 steel for abrasion resistance and durability the RSG series of grapples are an attachment designed to have the lowest maintenance costs. The heavy duty box construction, with perforations, results in a more efficient and stronger grapple that affords the operator better visibility.

Bolt-On Mounting Bracket

Flat top frame allows for installation on any carrier with the addition of a bolt-on mounting bracket. Standardized bolt pattern with other Magnum products for increased versatility.

Designed to Last

The RSG units are robust and have a fully integrated rotator; fixed at four points to withstand external forces, with pressure relief valve to ensure overload protection and connecting hoses protected inside the hub.