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Tool Bits

Increase the versatility of your Magnum Hydraulic Breaker with our wide selection of quality tool bits. All are made from high strength alloy steel for increased durability.

1. Blunt Point

This tool is ideal for breaking oversize material and concrete pads where a chisel point may penetrate too quickly.

2. Moil Point

This tool is useful for general demolition work during which dimensional control of the cut is not required.

3. Chisel Point

The most common tool bit for breaking concrete or rock. Available in both in-line and cross cut.

4. Frost Wedge/Asphalt Cutter

Used for asphalt street work and to break frost.

Excavator Mounted Auto-Greasing Kits

The automatic greasing kit automatically supplies grease to the chisel and bushing area while the hammer is working. It reduces wear in the bushings and chisel by applying the appropriate amount of grease and eliminates the need to manually grease the hammer. Systems are available with an automatic hammer shutdown if the grease reservoir is empty and a visual low-level and empty reservoir cab-mounted warning light.

Hammer Mounted Auto-Greasing Kits

The Magnum hammer mounted greasing kit is available on models 313S and larger. The system provides lubrication to the hammer by means of the compact cartridges conveniently mounted to the box of the hammer. The simple design uses the recoil energy from the hammer, eliminating the need for any hydraulic lines to activate the system.